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      Voters weigh in on school millages

      Antrim County residents in the Elk Rapids School District will decide on a millage worth $10,880,000.

      Voters will decide the fate of several school millages Tuesday.

      Residents in the Elk Rapids School District will decide on a millage worth $10,880,000.

      If approved by voters, the millage would cover security upgrades, such as a new buzzer system and security cameras. The plan also includes a new gym and technology improvements.

      The millage failed by twelve votes in November. School leaders said they decided to put the millage back on the ballot due to community feedback following the millage failure.

      Voters in Emmet County will decide the fate on a millage for Alanson Public Schools.

      The $750,000. request will help remodel the K-12 school building, add some technology upgrades, purchase a school bus and upgrade the school bus garage.

      Wexford County voters will decide if Manton Consolidated Schools can extend their current millage for an extra five years.

      The $4,450,000. bond will focus on security and technology upgrades and facility improvements such as a new roof.

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