Want to be a better parent? Start laughing!

National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day is May 9th, and there is a unique approach to parenting that can promote good childhood mental health.

"[Children] need to know that we believe in them, that we forgive them and that we love them even after they write on the wall with a Sharpie marker," said Dr. Mulder with the Traverse Area Pediatrics and Adolescent Clinic. "It's for positive parenting for kids of all ages, starting when they're really little to until they're teenagers."

Dr. Mulder is talking about the "Great Laughs" approach in this week's House Call.

"It's just some simple things you can do to help [children] become better adults when they grow up," said Mulder.

To learn about the "Great Laughs" parenting approach, click the video above.

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