Welcoming babies into the world at Charlevoix Hospital

Bowden Schultz.

More moms and their families are having comfortable deliveries at Charlevoix Area Hospital where the labor and delivery room look more like a real bedroom than a hospital.

Moriah Schultz is now a proud mom for the second time. During the third trimester of her second pregnancy, she knew she wanted a doctor that she could rely on to be there when the time came to have the baby. So Schultz decided to come to the doctors at the Birthing Center.

"It was really important to us because we were coming over from Petoskey and so making the drive and seeing the same doctor was really nice and toward the end I got very neurotic because we were also 2 weeks overdue," Schultz said.

The O/B Department has a long line of loyalty between the patients and the people who work there. Registered nurse Sherry Kirby has spent over 30 years with the hospital, and has seen hundreds of babies born each year.

"If you look at Charlevoix Hospital from a clinical standpoint we meet or exceed all standards for good care but I really think that what we offer that most hospitals do not is that personalized care and I feel like we're the best kept secret in northern Michigan," Kirby said.

Schultz found comfort in the care of the nurses and doctors, especially while dealing with delivery options for her son, who was breech.

"They really got involved in our case, we felt important. The moment that you came in there, and not so neurotic, they definitely calmed my nerves," Schultz said.

That personalized care is what also attracted new moms like Cacia Lesh to CAH. She's about 7 months pregnant with twins.

"We wanted to be supported in any way we could with the type of delivery. We wanted to be able to get up and move around during labor and we had heard great, wonderful things about Charlevoix Hospital and I'm at an age now where I would say probably 8 or 10 of my girlfriends have had babies in the past 2 years so I was getting a lot of feedback," Lesh said.

The hospital offers birthing classes, a lactation consultant and the nurses at the center have neo-natal resuscitation certifications and are prepared to help the doctors stabilize babies born with unanticipated problems.

"There's a high level of trust between the nurses and the physicians, I feel very confident and very comfortable being in a crisis situation with either one of them in a delivery," Kirby said.

Moms who deliver at the center enjoy panoramic views of Lake Michigan and the Charlevoix shoreline.

"It's wonderful I feel really lucky to have twins and really lucky that they're so healthy so far and I think the biggest thing so far that I've recently that it's so important to have a great support system of family and friends including the doctor," Lesh said. "I'm more excited than anything."

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