Westwoods Elementary wins $5,000

Teachers, students, and parents at Westwoods Elementary got an amazing surprise this afternoon from Chrysler!

Bill Marsh Chrysler in Traverse City presented Westwoods with a five thousand dollar check Wednesday after school.

In September - Westwoods participated in the ''Drive for the Kids'' program - a fundraiser through Chrysler where schools receive a donation when someone test drives a vehicle - in this case a minivan.

The school came out top in the region - earning them a $5,000 bonus - and an after school celebration.

"For us, we're glad to do it because it helps us get new people looking at our cars and trucks, and it's a fantastic fundraiser for a local school," said Mike Marsh of Bill Marsh Chrysler. "It's neat to see a school like this take full advantage of the opportunity."

"Our heads are kind of spinning actually from this type of amount," said Jessie Houghton, the Westwoods Elementary Principal. "It's going to give us the opportunity to really think outside the box and do some creative, big ideas to really reach all of our learners. It's very exciting."

The principal of Westwoods Elementary said the money will go towards new mathematical skill development programs.