Wexford county community members discuss plans for public meeting about animal shelter

Dozens of concerned citizens gathered Wednesday night in Cadillac to address the recent allegations against the Wexford County Animal Shelter.

A former employee of the shelter contacted 7&4 News with allegations about the euthanasia practices at the shelter. A second employee then came forward. Both say the shelter is injecting animals directly into the heart without using a sedative first. While the procedure is not illegal, it's not recommended by the state.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development says it, along with a state veterinarian team, is investigating the animal shelter.

Concerned citizens met tonight in Cadillac to discuss the changes they would like to see take place at Thursday's county commissioner's meeting.

One former county commissioner (2009-2010), Terry Bank, said "Now we've had an individual that was an employee come forward in reference to how they're operating over at the animal control. And the way they're putting these cats and animals down, and dogs - it's outrageous! They have a purpose, they have a way to put them down, and that's what they should be doing by state stature."

The Wexford County Sheriff, Gary Finstrom, tells 7&4 News "The claims and allegations made regarding the operation of the Wexford County Animal Shelter are not true and are the statements and allegations of a former disgruntled employee that is attempting to discredit the operation. To further her agendas, she is preying upon the very strong emotional ties that exist between people and their pets."

Wednesday night, the concerned citizens decided who will speak at Thursday's meeting with the current commission. They plan on requesting the investigation be completed, the animal shelter be under alternate supervision (such as the Humane Society) during the investigation, and they would like different supervision in financial control.

7&4 will keep you updated on the outcome of Thursday's meeting.