Where are the worst potholes in northern Michigan?

A giant pothole on Union Street in Traverse City is creating frustrations for drivers in the area.

Winter isn't over yet but the recent warm ups have cleared many roadways revealing a familiar driving hazard the dreaded pot hole. Itâ??s a nuisance we deal with every year around this time and drivers in Grand Traverse County are speaking out about the worst roads in the area.

7&4 News went on "Pothole Patrol" Wednesday to find out exactly which roads are causing the most frustration.

Kalkaska resident Mikki Gauthier is frustrated with the potholes; she describes them as "Wretched, horrible, unbelievable..."

Gauthier says lately she's been dreading her daily commute to work in Traverse City.

She says a certain stretch of US-31 in Traverse City from 3 Mile Road to Holiday Road is giving her a headache and doing a number on her car. Gauthier explains, â??Absolutely the worst stretch in Grand Traverse County, some of them are two to three feet wide, a couple of inches deep. You canâ??t even swerve to miss them..."

The Grand Traverse County Road Commission is well aware of the problem on this stretch of US-31. In fact, workers tell 7&4 News they started pothole patching a few weeks ago and have already cold patched this area six to eight times. Unfortunately the constant snowfall and moisture seeps under the pavement and freezes, causing the newly patched pavement to crack back open again.

Cass and Union Streets, from 13th and 14th Streets are experiencing the same issue and drivers say itâ??s getting dangerous. Marti Johnson works in Traverse City, she says, "People are driving around that area and are going into the other lane of oncoming traffic to try to avoid these potholes."

Zimmerman, South Airport and Holiday Roads are also covered in potholes.

You can report a pothole by going to the Grand Traverse County Road Commissionâ??s Facebook Page, CLICK HERE.You can also help 7&4 News with our pothole patrol, by going to our Upnorthlive Facebook Page.