Who let the dogs out?

Community members in Grand Traverse head out with their pets for a community dog walk

January is National Walk Your Pet Month and today more than 50 animal lovers took their furry friends on a free community dog walk in Traverse City.

Woofers On The Run, a new dog running service in Traverse City, hosted the event.

"Basically the main focus is on running and trying to get some of that extra energy out that dogs tend to get," said Woofers owner, Valeri Dietz. "But we also do walking and whatever the dogs need just to help them get some energy out and relax."

People celebrated the day by hitting the trails with their dogs at the Grand Traverse County Civic Center Saturday afternoon.

The day was all about stressing fitness for pets. Something that organizers say is extremely important during the cold winter months when pets don't get outside as much as they should.

Organizers say that lack of exercise can lead to bad behavior for dogs. Everything from barking, chewing, jumping, and hyper activity are just some of the bad habits that can evolve if pets don't receive enough exercise.