Why doesn't my child sleep?

Time for bed! "I don't wanna..." Parents, you constantly get the same routine at bedtime, but once your child hits the sheets, are they really getting a good night's sleep? Or enough sleep?

"The amounts of sleep vary by age and by child," said Dr. Karla Smith with the Traverse Area Pediatrics and Adolescent Clinic. "Sleeping through the night becomes more possible as infants get older."

Dr. Smith said the average hours of sleep for a child one month old is 15 hours, 13-14 hours for 1-3 year olds, and 11-11 1/2 for 2-5 year olds. That is divided between night and nap time. Dr. Smith also said snoring and very restless sleep are signs to be discussed with your child's doctor.

"Signs for concern are a change in the usual sleep and wake pattern, restless sleep (like tossing and turning constantly), and snoring," said Dr. Smith. "In addition, I would say that by 6 months of age, on average, babies do not need to eat at night to maintain nutritional status."

To learn more about sleep requirements and recommendations for children, click the video above.

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