Why every child needs a sports physical

Dr. Jennifer Schell from the Traverse Area Pediatrics and Adolescent Clinic said as adults we all hear about checking with our physician before beginning an exercise program, but it's important for kids, too.

"Teenagers or middle school athletes are often required to get a 'sports physical' before participating in school sponsored athletic events, but many children begin participating in sports long before then, and often no sports physical is required," said Dr. Schell.

Dr. Schell said every child should be active for health, and its important to do with your personal physician who knows you and your medical history.

"The purpose of a sports physical is to promote the health and safety of the athlete in training and competition," said Schell. "We want to uncover, if any, conditions that might require further investigation or treatment, and identify conditions that would interfere with safe or optimal athletic performance."

Dr. Schell said sports physicals have traditionally been a screening tool for injuries, illnesses, or other factors that might place the athlete, or others, at risk for preventable illness or injury.

To learn more about the importance of sports physicals, click the video above.

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