Will cruise ship crash affect travel bookings?

What was supposed to be a relaxing European cruise turned into a nightmare for more than 4,000 passengers, when an Italian cruise ship ran a ground on Friday.

Six people died in the accident and now 29 others are reported missing, including a retired American couple from Minnesota.

And while passengers who survived the ordeal are thankful to be alive, many travel agencies across the nation are bracing for a drop in bookings.

To find out if folks are panicking in northern Michigan, 7&4's Kate Fox went to a travel expert in Traverse City and brings us this report new at 11pm.

Vice President of Passageways Travel in Traverse City Bonnie Pintozzi says, "the industry is panicking, agencies are thinking about what going to happen because this is a prime season for booking cruises."

Pintozzi says January is one of the busiest booking times of the year for the cruise industry. She says it's part of a critical period known as "Wave Season," so the timing of this catastrophe is throwing some agencies for a loop. But not here in northern Michigan, at least not at Passageways Travel in Traverse City.

Pintozzi says, "In this office, I've noticed we've already booked three cruises already today!"

To check out the full report and see visuals of the 950 foot-long cruise ship, submerged on its side, click on the video above.