Winter Hits Northern Michigan

Although we've had pleasant weather for the past week or so, winter is reminding us it's time for the snow and cold.

Lake effect snow showers have been falling-giving many locations inches of snowfall throughout the evening and making slick road conditions for multiple areas around N. MI - especially along I-75 and M-72.

Kalkaska Central Dispatch reported a few accidents, eight downed trees, and multiple downed power lines tonight. Reports also came in of downed trees in the Rapid City area. Some locations also lost power tonight. The Gaylord State Police reported around 10-12 accidents this afternoon and evening along I-75 in Otsego County alone.

Conditions have improved since salt trucks and plows have been out, and as of now traffic is moving along on the main highways.

As snowfall continues into our weekend, authorities ask drivers to use extra caution while out on the roads.