Woman recovering after getting shot by her neighbor

A 60 year-old woman is recovering after getting shot in the back by her neighbor in Kalkaska County Saturday night.

The Sheriffs Office tells 7&4 News that it happened last night at 9:30pm at a home on the 8,000 Block of Country Road in Rapid River Township.

When police got to the scene, they found the victim Claudia Roberts laying on the floor, with a gunshot wound to her back. She was able to tell police that her neighbor, a 61 year-old man had kicked open her house door and shot her with a riffle.

Authorities then went to the suspect's house on the 8,000 Block of Priest Road and surrounding the location. The suspect was finally arrested at around 5:00 am Sunday morning after police entered the home with a search warrant. He has been charged with attempted murder and felony firearm.

The victim is in stable condition.