Writers Minute: We sink our teeth into a friendly vampire series

Author Jeff Kessler shows off his book series, "Victor the Friendly Vampire".

During Writers Minute on 7&4 News Today, local author Jeff Kessler introduces us to "Victor the Friendly Vampire".

Kessler talks about how his series was inspired by a chat he had with his grandson at the breakfast table one morning.

His grandson looked across the table at him and noticed that Kessler's teeth were sharp like vampire teeth. Kessler told his grandson he was a nice vampire.

He said it would make a great story because most vampires are always perceived as being mean. The series is about how Victor the Friendly Vampire tries to fit in.

Kessler said the adventures that Victor the Vampire takes are based right here in Northern Michigan and each story has a lesson to be learned.

He said the lessons in the book are inspired by lessons learned from his former students when he was a fourth grade teacher.

The series includes: "Victor the Friendly Vampire", "Victor and the Bullies" and "Victor Finds His Family".

Kessler said he is currently working on a fourth book for the series. In that book Kessler said Victor becomes a spy.

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