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      Young athletes looking for a place to practice

      The Traverse City All-Stars Elite Cheerleading Team is looking for a new place to practice.

      A group of young athletes is cheering to a national competition, but first they need a new place to practice!

      Traverse City All-Stars Elite Cheerleading team has regional, state and national trophies, but this year the group is missing out on some practice time. The cheerleading team was using a church gymnasium which is no longer available to them. The group is using temporary locations from Kingsley to different areas across Traverse City, but is hoping to find a permanent place to get ready for a regional competition Dec. 1.

      The team needs to rent a room with at least a 19-foot ceiling. The group practices Tuesday and Thursday evenings. If you can help, please call the team coach, Tammy Leishman at 231-499-7370. You can also email tcallstarselite@yahoo.com.