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      Your Health Matters: An added layer of care

      Dr. Benjamin Lamphere understands first hand how critical patient care is. That's why he believes highly in the added level of care that physician assistants provide at Munson Medical Center.

      "One of the requirements that we have for all of our PAs is that we would trust them with our family members. we know these folks are professionals. the unique contribution that PAs can make will always benefit the patients," says Dr. Lamphere.

      PAs are not in the hospitals to replace the physicians but instead to provide a different perspective for patients.

      "I think pas provide a real team based approach to care which sometimes is lacking in medicine. Sometimes it's a way to bounce ideas off each other, patients get different perspectives from what the PA can bring to the table," says Dr. Lamphere.

      Lauren Reynolds is a physician assistant at Munson. She says it's the patients that mean the most to her, especially being able to help them with their medical concerns.

      "We work in a collaborative role with the physicians in all specialties. We're trained in the medical model...we are physician extenders and we work in a collaborative team role," says Reynolds.

      The team effort is something Reynolds says ensures the patients receive a wealth of knowledge about their health.

      "A PA function is similar to what physicians might do. We provide a second set of eyes a second viewpoint to medicine and more advice," says Reynolds.

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