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      Zoning ordinance looks to ban outdoor displays

      A new proposed zoning ordinance has several Charlevoix business owners worried that it might hurt their sales.

      C harlevoix City council held a public meeting discussing the ordinance Monday evening.

      A t a few downtown clothing stores, t-shirts with bold colors and eye-catching graphics are hung outside, and community members aren't happy.

      C ity council members say they have received numerous calls about displays .

      " A lot of complaints from other business people in town and then it just sort of snow balled into regular people going downtown and complaining about it," said Shirley Gibson, of the Charlevoix City Council.

      S ome of the concerned citizens say the displays tarnish the beauty of the town. I n response to these complaints , council created a provision within the city's new zoning ordinance.

      The ordinance would prohibit any outdoor displays or signs to be placed outside of downtown businesses.

      " It's not making the town any uglier it's actually in my opinion making it more colorful and are appealing ," said Ania Gurynowicz, Charlevoix Clothing Store Manager .

      A few shop owners are concerned this restriction will hurt business , but council believes otherwise.

      S ome who have watched this whole matter unfold wonder what the fuss is all about.

      " I have never heard of this being a problem before I have hurt I've heard a couple of times that people don't like things outside that obstruct pedestrians, but none of our displays do that they just hang on the walls," said Kathy Hunter, Momentum Retail Manager.