Consumer Alert: salespersons posing as utility workers

7&4 News has a consumer alert for families in Northern Michigan.

This week, managers at Bay Hill Apartments in Traverse City contacted 7&4 news. They waned to let us know that people are going door-to-door claiming to be utility workers with DTE Energy.

Really, they are with a company called Just Energy, a company that claims to save people money on their utility bills.

After doing a little digging, 7&4 News learned that the company has accumulated 548 complaints with the Better Businesses Bureau. Most of the complaints involve salespersons misrepresenting themselves.

Just Energy is based out of Canada. According to the Ontario Energy Board, in 2011, the company had to pay a $40,000 fine for violating the Ontario Energy Board Act. Violations included inaccurate price comparisons and contract violations.

Watch our Fact Finder report to learn more about this Consumer Alert.