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      Haunting of The Cottonwood Inn

      Is a historic bed and breakfast in Leelanau County haunted by its former residents? The current owner says she has seen and felt a presence that cannot be explained and so have many of her guests.

      "You just know that there is something other than yourself in the house,â?? said Holly Decker, owner of The Cottonwood Inn.

      The Cottonwood Inn B&B in Empire was the original home of the Roen family. The home was built around 1900 by Randi and Andrew Roen, immigrants from Norway. The couple raised five boys, two moved away, but three others, Ben, Sievert and Andrew spent their lives here. Ben and Andrew died in the home, days apart in 1985.

      But rumors swirled about an unsolved mystery in 1979 when Sievert, 75, went missing. After weeks of search efforts, his body was never found.

      As a young girl growing up in Empire, Decker remembers being scared of the home.

      "I remember seeing the Roen boys, Andy and Ben in their yard, lurking in their yard. They were just so reclusive, they didn't talk to anyone. It was just an old scary house that we all were kind of scared of," said Decker.

      But that childhood memory didn't stop Decker from buying the home ten years ago and turning it into the Cottonwood Inn Bed and Breakfast.

      To try and find out more about the strange sounds heard at the B&B, Decker invited Psychic Medium Tammy Schuster and Paranormal Investigators Bev Rydel and Kathleen Tedsen to spend the night.

      The three women said there was some activity they caught on tape, including various voices. You can hear one of the voices recorded by watching the video. You can also read more about The Cottonwood Inn haunting and others across Michigan by picking up a copy of Rydel and Tedsen's book "Spirits Rising". There is a code inside the book that will allow you to hear all of the voices recorded inside The Cottonwood.

      Do you believe in ghosts? Weigh in by voting in the poll below and leaving comments of your own haunting experiences.