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      Lightning kills three horses

      A lightning strike is being blamed for killing three horses during the early morning hours on Wednesday.

      Norman Erickson was very attached to the horses and treated them like members of the family.

      â??They're the best horses that I've got. I don't know what I'll do now,â?? said Erickson.

      He woke up to find three of his horses dead.

      His girlfriend, Darlene Owens, saw the horses from their deck when she checked on a loud noise they heard earlier that morning.

      â??The minute I looked over there I knew they were dead so I went back in the house... and went out there. I knew they were dead,â?? said Owens.

      â??I don't understand why they had to take the three best onesâ?| they're all nice horses but these were exceptional good horses,â?? said Erickson.

      One of the horses was wearing metal horse shoes and was standing right next to a tree when it was hit by a lightning bolt.

      The couple believes the electricity transferred from the tree, to the horse and then to the other two standing right next to each other.

      â??Who in the world would've thought of such a thing something like this would ever happen? I've been out here for many years and listen to thunder and lightningâ?| but never expected anything like this.â??

      As much as this pains the couple they say the freak accident could not have been prevented.

      â??I imagine it just killed them instantly. There wouldn't been anything we could do to save them,â?? said Owens.

      Two of the horses killed were expected to give Erickson colts this coming spring.

      â??I'll go on; do something else. I'll bury them and forget it. It's all we can do,â?? said Erickson.