Man repeatedly rams car into jail to break woman inmate out

Corrections Officials say Derek Lavis repeatedly rammed his SUV into the Kalkaska Co. jail to break a woman out

A 45-year-old man has been arrested after corrections officers say he repeated rammed his car into the wall to break a woman out of the jail.

According to Sheriff Dave Israel of Kalkaska County, corrections officers heard loud banging on the north wall of the Kalkaska County Jail around 10:30 Sunday night. They went into the parking lot to find a Chevrolet Suburban ramming into the out wall of the jail in an attempt to get into the cell block to break-out a woman,

The suspect, Derek Lavis, fled the scene when he saw the officer. Authorities say he was armed and dangerous. "We had information that he had numerous guns registered to him as well as possession of guns that he used to trade for guns and narcotics.. We felt he was armed and dangerous so we approached the arrest that way and when we arrested him he did have guns in his possesion," says Kalkaska County Sheriff Dave Israel.

An investigation led deputies to look for the suspect and car in Oliver Township on a private drive off Kniss Road. Lavis was arrested Tuesday morning for Attempted Aiding a Prisoner to Escape and Malicious Destruction of Property.

Lavis' bond was set at $1 million cash. He is being held at the Kalkaska County Jail - the same jail he tried to break into Sunday night.