Second woman charged for smuggling drugs into jail in her vagina

Kaycijo Coombs is accused of smuggling pills into the Wexford County jail inside her body.

A second woman has been charged with smuggling drugs into the Wexford County jail inside her body.

27-year-old Kaycijo Coombs is accused of bringing in 45 Xanax pills on June 12th.

The Wexford County prosecutor says Stacy Lynn Youngs, who is accused of the same crime, told corrections officers about the pills.

â??Counties are ordered now by October to come up with a plan to deal with people that end up in criminal court that have mental problems and hopefully that will eradicate some of these cases where people are prescribed drugs and need them obviously, or are addicted to them and they become criminals because of that as opposed to getting the mental health,â?? said Wexford County Prosecutor Anthony Badovinac.

Badovinac says this felony could put Coombs behind bars for up to five years.

Both Coombs and Youngs are scheduled to be back in court for a prelim on July 8th.

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