Tenants may get the boot to make way for low-income housing

Several Kalkaska residents are wondering if they will have a place to live in the New Year.

Last week, Sandy Pines Apartments sent out a letter informing tenants that every unit in its complex was assigned USDA Rental Assistance, a federal program designed to create affordable housing.

Thatâ??s good news for low income families. It is bad news for folks who want to stay but don't qualify.

â??I mean I understand what they are doing, trying to reduce rates, but I don't understand how or why they would want to kick people out. Iâ??ve been paying my bills every month,â?? said Wayne Goodwin.

Goodwin might have to move out if he does not qualify for Rental Assistance.

Sandy Pines is owned by a downstate company called KMG Prestige.

Regional Property Manager Debra Kelley tells 7&4 news, at this time, the company is not aware of any tenants that have a household income to high to qualify for Rental Assistance.

Furthermore, Kelley said KMG is "thrilled to provide affordable apartments for families with low to moderate incomes that cannot afford the normal market rents in their area."

â??This is a really wonderful opportunity to meet all the affordable housing needs for Kalkaska and its residents. All of the units at Sandy Pines Apartments were assigned USDA Rental Assistance. We are working with several of the households to recertify the householdâ??s income to yet determine if eligibility of Rental Assistance is possible,â?? Kelley said.

Rental Assistance is part of a federal program that provides grants or low-interest loans to the developers of low-income apartments so they can lease their apartments at a lower cost to low-income families.

It exists for all the right reasons. It exists to help people.

Unfortunately, for folks like Wayne Goodwin, there are also unintended consequences.

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