Ballot recount could be a game-changer in Benzie County

A recount was held in Benzie County Monday, nearly a month after voters cast their ballots.

The results came back the same as the original count.

Eight misplaced absentee ballots were discovered recently, which prompted the recount. Those ballots were properly accounted for, however computer glitches during the original voting were what continued the recount.

The closest race was the 4th District County Commissioner seat. Only six votes separated Glen Rineer and Anne Damm. 7&4 News is told one of the bags wasn't sealed correctly so the recount for the 4th District race is not legal. This means Rineer remains the winner for the County Commission seat.

The final tally in November was Glen Rineer 748 Anne Damm 742.

"The impact hopefully will be that the people at the township office will learn how to properly seal their ballot container," said Board of Canvassers Chairperson, Margaret Wozniak. "That's the ultimate good effect that will happen."

Four other townships were being recounted in Benzie County, which involves thousands of ballots. Canvassers and the Benzie County Clerk were busy hand counting the ballots, which took most of the day.

The other recounts were for two township supervisor positions and one township treasurer.