Campaigns heating up, heading north

Less than two days before the Michigan Primary, Mitt Romneyâ??s childhood state has become a battleground.

Rick Santorum is on Romneyâ??s heels in both the polls and the campaign trail.

Both have stops scheduled in Traverse City on Sunday.

This weekend, the Romney Campaign released a statement addressing Santorumâ??s attacks on Romney.

â??Rick Santorum is a Washington insider who is lashing out at Mitt Romney because he had a terrible debate performance. Back in 2008, Senator Santorum endorsed Mitt Romney for president because of Mittâ??s conservative record. Now, Rickâ??s changed his tune. This sounds like another case of Rick Santorum abandoning his principles for his own political advantage,â?? said Gail Gitcho, Romney Communications Director.

In the meantime, Santorum unveiled his Economic Freedom Agenda for the first 100 days of his Administration in Michigan.

"I'm an Italian guy from a steel town who grew up understanding what makes this country great. My friends' families worked in the steel mills and my grandfather was a coal miner who worked hard so his children could taste freedom in America. Back then, America made things, and that meant jobs, it meant strong families and it means a strong economy,â?? Santorum said. â??We can revive this economy immediately, if we cut taxes across the board and repeal the radical job crushing environmental policies of this Administration.â??

Voters will head to the polls in Michigan and Arizona on Tuesday.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has announced her endorsement for Romney.