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      Gun permit requests skyrocket with pending legislation

      Now many are flocking to get their conceal and carry permits before anything is made official.

      A S enate vote on a new gun control law could be cast by the end of the week. N ow many are flocking to get their conceal and carry permits before anything is made official.

      T he number of conceal and carry applications have skyrocke te d over the last couple of months and the numbers continue to grow with the fear that new gun laws might restrict our right to bear arms.

      " They got to do something about all the wackos , but you can't go and take guns away from everybody ," Conceal and carry applicant Keith MacLeod explained.

      M ac L eod is concerned that new gun laws might make it more difficult for him to get a conceal and carry down the road. S o this month , he applied for a permit through Cheboygan County.

      " If everybody that has got them is able to keep them, you can't really control what they are going to do down the road, you know as far as not been able to get them anymore ," MacLeod said.

      A nd though it ' s not clear what restrictions a new law would bring , many people have tried to secure a license before any changes are made.

      S ince the beginning of the year , more than 150 people filed paperwork to own a gun in Cheboygan County .

      " We have seen about a 400% increase you know last year at this time we had 15 applicants but this month we have 60 ," Cheboygan County Sheriff Dale Claremont said.

      C heboygan is not alone , C hippewa County has received 160 gun permit applications this year, Wexford County 178, again significant increases over a year ago.

      " I believe the National debate going on right now about gun control is the number one reason, however at our gun boards we don't ask why they want the permit it's more of a informal informative session to tell them what the law is," Sheriff Claremont explained.

      A fter the applications are submitted , they go before a local gun board for approval. S heriff Claremont says at each meeting , a majority of the applicants are granted a permit.