Immigration laws debated in Michigan

State leaders and local advocates are weighing in on the U.S. Supreme Courtâ??s decision regarding Arizonaâ??s tough immigration laws.

In a statement released this week, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette said, â??Iâ??m pleased the court upheld some authority of state to exercise a role in border enforcement. However, itâ??s disappointing the ruling did not uphold the broader authority of state governments to enforce laws intended to ensure the safety of their citizens.â??

Conversely, the Citizens for Immigrant Rights of Northern Michigan feel the Supreme Court did not go far enough to advocate for more humane and just immigration policy.

â??What the church is saying, and has been saying for decades, is that immigration law, the immigration system in the United States, is broken to the point that it is immoral,â?? said Father Wayne Dziekan.

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