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      Main roads considered first as road commission puts millage dollars to work

      Grand Traverse County Road Commissioners have been out in the field with survey teams looking at dozens of roads that are in need of repairs.

      Commissioners are considering fixing main roads first.

      â??Our first list of projects are going to be corridor projects. They're going to touch a lot of lives. A lot of people are going to see things being done. Again be patient we'll get to every road in the county but this is the first step,â?? said Jim Cook, Grand Traverse County Road Commission Manager.

      Cook said less than 20 percent of Grand Traverse County roads are in fair-to-good condition.

      The 20-year goal is to get that percentage up to 80 percent. Commissioners said the voter-approved $4.5 million millage is expected to help reach that goal.

      "We're very pleased the millage passed," said Carl Brown, Road Commission Board Chairman. "I know it's a tough thing with millages and that but we are going to be the best stewards with that money."

      Commissioners will now look over the proposals and plan to start study sessions in the next few weeks.

      Final approval for the 2014 construction season is expected at the start of the new year.

      "The taxpayers are going to benefit from this and see the real value in passing this millage," Brown said.