New Michigan law protects breastfeeding mothers

A new law has been put in place ensuring that women have the right to breastfeed in public.

A new law has been put in place ensuring that women have the right to breastfeed in public.

Governor Rick Snyder signed the Breastfeeding Anti-Discrimination Act into law Tuesday.

Several women are applauding this law saying moms should have the rights to feed their babies no matter where they are.

"A friend of mine was told she could not breast-feed in the garden atrium. Her badge on, she was an employee of this facility and got reprimanded by the HR department because she chose to breast-feed her baby on her lunch hour," said an expecting mother Courtney Slater.

Under the new law, a breastfeeding mother cannot be charged with indecent exposure or obscene conduct.

Jessica Rokos works with the La Leche league of Michigan, a group that teaches mothers about breastfeeding.

"Any time that they go to a restaurant, a park, a store, anywhere a mom is allowed to breast-feed her baby without being discriminated against,â?? said Area Coordinator of Michigan La Leche league, Jessica Rokos.

Part of this law states that business owners and agencies can no longer put signs up stopping women from breastfeeding in their building.

"It will take one less barrier for moms to hurdle over while they're trying to get through their breast-feeding relationship with their babies," said Rokos.

Michigan is now one of 46 states with a law like this. Some mothers feel this is the way it should be.

"Everybody else can eat in public why shouldn't babies be allowed to. Motherâ??s shouldnâ??t be ashamed and have to go hide somewhere in order to just feed their babies," said expecting mother Tori Koenigsknecht.