Protesters invade the RNC

Protesters have made their presence known in Tampa at the RNC.

Politicians are not the only ones gathering in Tampa for the Republican National Convention.

Thousands of protesters also made their way to the Tampa Bay area to make sure their voices were heard.

Officials estimated that 10,000 protesters would hit the RNC's surrounding areas. Police were visible throughout the city and the entire downtown area, where the convention is.

Members of the Poor People's Econic Human Rights Campaign were among the protesters. They said they way to see the nation change course on a multitude of isses, including healthcare, education and the economy.

See RAW video above.

"You know I feel we all live underneath the same roof and we all live on the same floor so what we do on one side of the house, before we do it, we got to remember how itâ??s going to affect the other side of the house,â?? protestor Donald Butner said.

The protestors said theyâ??re going to be in Tampa all week long doing what they can to be seen and heard by many of the nationâ??s leaders who are in Tampa this week.

Some of the protestors said they plan on heading to Charlotte to send the same message to Democrats during their convention.ã??

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