Republicans battle in 104th District

Incumbent Wayne Schmidt will defend his seat in the Michigan House of Representatives against challenger Jason Gillman.

Schmidt is hoping to get the Republican nod in the August primary. He represents the 104th District, which is now limited to only Grand Traverse County.

â??Some of the biggest accomplishments weâ??ve made is, one, balancing the budgetâ?¦twice in a row now by the beginning of Juneâ?¦we are living within our means and balancing our budgets,â?? Rep. Schmidt said.

Challenger Jason Gillman is a first-term Grand Traverse County Commissioner. He is also a proud voice in the local Tea Party Movement.

Gillman tells 7&4 News he opposes the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), which uses tax payer dollars to promote business and tourism. Schmidt supports the MEDC and itâ??s oversight of the Pure Michigan Campaign.

â??I would disband the MEDC if at all possible. I would present legislation that would do away with the taking of tax payer dollars and giving it to other special interest groups. You know, picking winners and losers. That is a big difference. He (Schmidt) likes that. I donâ??t,â?? Gillman said.

The Michigan Primary is Tuesday, August 7.

7&4 News will profile both Democratic Candidates on Monday, July 23.