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      Should a homeless man be able to run for mayor?

      Meet George Golubovskis - the homeless man who's running for Mayor of Traverse City.

      Golubovskis posted a video of himself on YouTube announcing his campaign and has since tallied 1,215 views.

      According to the video, Golubovskis is homeless, but he claims to never have received any public assistance - but has received two degrees from the University of Michigan including a Masters in Public Policy. He also mentions that he's worked in both politics and the private sector in Washington D.C., New York, and in Europe.

      In the video, he talks issues ranging from the Open Space to the Farmer's Market.

      "We could be the most creative community on the Great Lakes," Golubovskis said. "And the thing is - it's not just creativity and the arts and entertainment centers. It's also creativity with the high tech that's coming to town."

      He promises to get a beard trim, a hair cut and some updated clothing, if elected.

      Golubovskis is asking for voters to write-in his name as the other option on ballots because he was told by the City Clerk that because he is not a registered voter, he cannot be a candidate.

      You can follow him on Twitter.