Silent 'fiscal cliff' protests planned outside Congressional offices

Starting today, the Action of Michigan will be coordinating vigils at Congressional offices as the countdown to the "fiscal cliff" looms.

The "rotating vigils" will take place over the next five days outside the Congressional offices of Mike Rogers, Tim Walberg, Dave Camp, Dan Benishek, and Fred Upton.

The vigils will be silent protests "telling the Congressmen 'don't drop the ball' on the middle class".

They will last 12 hours each day, from 8 am to 8 pm.

The looming fiscal cliff refers to the potential tax rate rises on all Americans beginning on the first of January if no deal is reached by Congress.

The Action is a grassroots political group that advocates for tax increases on the wealthy and the end to the Bush tax plan.

Congressman Mike Rogers District Office, Lansing: December 26

Congressman Tim Walberg, Jackson: December 27

Congressman Dave Camp, Midland: December 28

Congressman Dan Benishek, Gaylord: December 29

Congressman Fred Upton, Kalamazoo: December 30