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      Ten candidates hope to represent 104th District in Michigan House

      The August 5th primary has a record-setting eight candidates hoping to represent the Republican Party in the general election for the 104th District seat in the Michigan house.

      In Tuesdayâ??s forum hosted by the League of Women Voters, candidates are expected to share their views on topics such as education, environment and the economy.

      â??Ten candidates can be confusing and it's hard for us as voters. That just means we have to do more homework,â?? said Inara Kurt, League of Women Voters Chairwoman.

      Eight Republicans and two Democrats are running for a seat in the house in Michigan's 104th District. The district includes all of Grand Traverse County.

      The ten candidates make up the largest amount of people running for a house seat in Michigan in this primary election.

      â??The league always welcomes candidates. We encourage people to run. We think that's part of the democratic process. That's important and that we want people to take part so we welcome ten candidates. We think it's great.â??

      However not everyone is welcoming the idea of ten candidates. The Grand Traverse County Republican chair, Anna Mouser, says there are too many people in the race. She says that may cause voters to become overwhelmed, and is afraid people may not vote because of it. The League of Women Voters is hosting a forum Tuesday to help voters make an informed decision.

      â??This is the votersâ?? chance to pick who those people will be and we think that's really importantâ?| traditionally primary elections do not have a large voter turnout but they're probably more important in some cases than the general election.â??

      The league invited all ten candidates to a forum.

      â??We think it's important for this area who represents us in Lansing.â??

      The candidate forum will be held Tuesday at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation on Center Road in Traverse City from 7 to 8:30 p.m.