Voters asked to follow campaign sign rules

Campaign signs are a staple in most elections. While northern Michigan embraces them, there are some rules that supporters have to follow.

In Cadillac, residents are advised that political signs may not be placed on tree lawns or other public right-of-ways or properties. A tree lawn refers to the green belt area located between a public sidewalk and nearby public street.

Although sign permits are not required for the placement of political signs, the Cadillac Zoning Ordinance does stipulate the following with respect to political signage:

1. Signs must be located on private property with the permission of the property owner or agent2. Signs may not exceed four-square feet in area when placed in residential zoned districts3. May not exceed 32-square feet in area when placed in non-residential zoned districts4. Must be self-supporting5. Must be removed within 10-days following the election to which the signs refer

Traverse City has a sign limit of six square feet in single and two-family residential areas and a maximum height of 42 inches. Other rules can be found on the Traverse City website.

Petoskey allows residents to post signs not exceeding eight square feet in area and four feet in height.

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