Gaylord school goes through evacuation training

Gaylord school goes through evacuation training

OTSEGO COUNTY, MI (WPBN/WGTU) -- Students at Gaylord Intermediate School went through a new form of training Wednesday morning on what to do if they ever had to evacuate the school.

The school's principal said that they could use this evacuation plan if they had an event like a power outage, water problem, gas leak or any other situation where they would have to the kids out fast.

One by one, more than 700 students from grades four through six left the school and filled up 14 school buses that were lined up outside.

They were driven, with a police escort, to Gaylord High School where they gathered in the auditorium.

“We just wanted to do something to be prepared in the event that we have a situation where we need to get out students to another location and stay safe,” said Gaylord Intermediate School Principal Rich Marshall.

The school already prepares students every year with lock down, tornado and fire drills, but this is the first year they're practicing the evacuation.

“We’ve had situations where we’ve come close to having to evacuate in the past where maybe we had no water and we had to decide what we were going to do, but we’ve always been able to stay in the building but we’ve come close to evacuating," Marshall said.

Law enforcement and emergency management helped out with the training, but if the school ever needs to evacuate in the future they are trained to do it themselves.

"A lot of the reason the training today went down was for the school to work out any kinks or any bugs that they had and their plans," said Otsego County Undersheriff Matt Muladore. "But they executed it well and I think that moving forward they could do this very efficiently by themselves now."

Both law enforcement and the school's principal were proud of the effort.

"We have great students here in Gaylord and they did just what we wanted them to do," said Marshall. "They were safe and orderly and they helped us do a very nice job today.”

Undersheriff Muladore said they were able to get the students to Gaylord High School and back in less than an hour, which was their goal.

Otsego County Emergency Management, the sheriff's department, city police and the state police all participated in the training.

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