Anne Cook: Motivation vs. Commitment

Anne Cook discusses motivation and commitment as part of the Race to Bayshore program.

You know growing up when your parents are wrong about everything and they just donâ??t â??getâ?? you or what itâ??s like to grow up? I remember those days. My parents would tell me all sorts of things to do and I just KNEW they were only doing it to make me mad. (I mean really â?? why WOULDNâ??T they let me stay out past midnight on a school night?)

Well, turns out they were pretty smart. Last weekend I was chatting with Coach Lisa, who has a teenage daughter so she totally gets it, and I told her that the biggest epiphany of my life (so far, Iâ??m only 23 after all!) was that my mom has been right about everythingâ?¦literally, everything. I swear that woman has never been wrong. And my Dadâ??s not too shabby either.

My momâ??s latest golden nugget of knowledge was this one: there is a big difference between motivation and commitment. Now I canâ??t give her 100% credit for this one, but since sheâ??s the one who told me â?? and sheâ??s my mom and I love her - Iâ??ll give her at least 95% credit.

That really resonated with me. Iâ??m the type of person who is always motivated or excited by something. I very easily get obsessed with an idea â?? like Race to Bayshore â?? and have all of the mental energy in the world to make it happen. But what about physical energy?

Thatâ??s my biggest problem. I am motivated â?? about everything, all of the time. But am I always committed? Heck no.

So how do you turn that motivation into results, into commitment? No really, Iâ??m asking. Itâ??s something Iâ??m constantly battling with. Having a coach helps. When Coach Lisa sends you that email every week and asks â??howâ??d it go?â?? you better have a good answer! Having a team helps too. When Marc comes into work every day and says â??did you run?â?? â?? you canâ??t hide the truth there! But what Iâ??m really struggling with is that inner commitment. I donâ??t want to run out of shame, or out of fear of letting my coach and teammates down.

So, help me out; what is your best kept secret to make sure you are committed?

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