Anne Cook: Someone busier than you is running right now

Anne discusses finding motivation in the first couple weeks of the Race to Bayshore program.

Well weâ??re over two weeks in and Iâ??m writing my first blog. I can assure you Iâ??ve been more dedicated to my running than I have been my blogging! But for me, this is what itâ??s all about. I workâ?¦a lot. And even when Iâ??m home from work, I still end up working. So how do I fit in a running program?

I know Iâ??m not unique. Iâ??m not the worldâ??s busiest, most important, most sleep deprived person.

I came across this quote a month or two ago and it really stuck with me; â??Someone busier than you is running right now.â??

What itâ??s all about is making decisions, carving out time for what is important â?? the same way I do at work. Prioritize your timeâ?¦and make running a priority!

It wasnâ??t long ago that I was a high school athlete â?? and a very dedicated one at that. A normal day was 6 hours of school, 2-3 hours of practice and usually some conditioning after that. 23-year-old me looks at that and thinks â??where did I get all of that energy?â?? Now I feel like I should get an award just for going to work and the gym in the same day.

Itâ??s amazing the transformation you make just in the first week or two. Iâ??m not talking about a transformation in my speed, strength, or even appearance. Iâ??m talking a transformation of mental toughness.

If you just follow a training program, and follow it strictly, things change quickly. All of the sudden going for a run after work is normal. I donâ??t have to psych myself up for those long weekend runs (even if my bed does feel like what my friend would call an â??oasisâ??). Running is becoming a normal part of my life â?? and I couldnâ??t be more thrilled.

Thatâ??s not to say things are easy. Heck no. I still hurt, Iâ??m still slow, and I still get half-way through my run and feel like quitting sometimes (okay, most of the time). But in a program like this itâ??s about baby steps. And my baby step is getting out there and trying. First step: put on the shoes.

Who knows what the next step will be?

So how do you motivate yourself?