Bayshore training plan: Week Two

It's already Week Two of the Race to Bayshore program.

Three Amigos, Training Week #2:

We are headed in to Week 2 with our marathoner, half marathoner and beginning 10K runners Marc, Lauren, and Anne. As a coach, I have observed that the challenges the â??teamâ?? has faced were anticipated somewhat accurately:

February 11 â?? 17 Marathon Training for Marc:

For Marc, I was curious to see how he held up to consecutive training days. The frequency of training can be challenging at first, especially if you are not used to training days in a row. The body gets more fit by being stressed, and then by resting, which is when muscle receovery occurs. When you train day after day, it is important that pace is altered so that a run can actually be a rest day.

So with Marc, weâ??ll pretty much hold steady for one more week, and have him pay special attention to really good fueling (nutrition before and after training) and special things to help with recovery, for example, I told Marc about the importance of icing to help with muscle soreness. Some athletes swear by the â??ice bathâ?? (literally, filling the tub with ice water and soak in it), but I suggested â??peas in the pantsâ?? to help Marc with hamstring tightness. All of us athletes should have a big bag of peas in our freezer to help with sore spots (just make sure you know which bag are for icing!).

Since Marc has been told by Excelerateâ??s Steph and Dena that he has to pay special attention to taking care of somewhat chronic hamstring tightness, Iâ??ll reinforce that as well! Do your prehab exercises diligently!

Training for week of 2/11/13:



Tuseday: 4 m run

Wednesday: 6 mile at pace â?? not faster!

Note: Resist the urge to run faster than 7:26 pace Marc, which is your goal pace for 26.2 miles. You will thank me for this suggestion later.

Thursday: 5 mile run

Friday: Prehab

Saturday: 6 mile run

Sunday: 12 mile run

By the way, Marc uses a really cool training aid called a garmin gps, which he downloads to a website. I was able to look at the details of all of his training runs this past week. For the techies, check this out:

Now letâ??s get Lauren ready for Week 2 of her half marathon schedule:

Because Lauren is a working Mom, I knew her challenge would come from juggling her schedule around family, work, and training. And I was correct! Focusing on this in Week 1 helped Lauren see how important it is to look way ahead to see where running could fit in.

Week 2 will be a whirlwind, as there is a birthday for Peyton, swim lessons, and a busy work week ahead. It will become so apparent that with good planning, even the busiest mom can make it happen.

February 11 â?? 17 Half Marathon Training for Lauren:

Monday: Prehab

Tuesday: 4 m run

Wednesday: 4 m pace (9:09)

Thursday: 3 m run

Friday: Prehab

Saturday: 8 m run

Sunday: cross

About Pace for both Marc and Lauren:

Marc and Lauren both have many days where pace is not indicated. On these days, I want them to â??run how they feelâ??, and not feel slave to a dictating schedule. They should simply â??get the miles inâ?? on these days. In my own training, I call these days â??lemonadeâ?? days, using the phrase, â??when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.â?? So, if they feel good, they can cruise along and test things out, and if they feel bad, they can just go at the most comfortable pace and put the time in on their feet.

Beginner Training for Anne, her first 10K:

Anne will continue to run 4 days a week. Her first two training days are sandwiched with a rest day, and Iâ??m having her focus on running non-stop.

For beginning runners like Anne, who has the â??mindâ?? of an athlete, the biggest challenge is holding them back from doing too much too soon. With running, itâ??s not just the cardiovascular system at play. Muscles and tendons have to adjust slowly to the demands of high impact weight bearing activities like running. So, weâ??ll continue to keep Anne focused on starting out with â??not too muchâ??.

On weekends, weâ??ll see how Anne holds up to two days running in a row. I also want her to keep track of how long her Saturday and Sunday runs take. This will help later on as we establish a goal time for the 10K event.

Monday: walk or XT, Prehab, hip strength

Tuesday: run 15-20 min

Wednesday: Prehab, hip strength

Thursday: run 15-20 min

Friday: walk or XT, Prehab, hip strength

Saturday: 1.5 miles

Sunday: 1.5 miles