Deaf Golf Championships tee off at Grand Traverse Resort

Northern Michigan is playing host to a one of a kind golf event this week as the World Deaf Golf Championships tee off at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa. This tournament marks the tenth edition of the bi-annual event.

The Deaf Golf Championships have taken place in countries such as England, Ireland, Scotland, Japan and Australia. For 2014, organizers decided to give over 100 of the best hearing impaired golfers from 14 different nations a shot at The Bear and The Wolverine.

Grand Traverse Resort Director of Golf Tom McGee said, "It's a big event, obviously its an international event and it's a golf event. So you've got all that and then you throw on top of it the hearing impaired so with all that combined it's a unique experience for all of us."

United States Deaf Golf Association's Bernie Brown shared his thoughts on the course, saying "I've played several challenging courses. This is one of the top, it's very well designed, its a very good challenge and they have very good levels for all the different golfers."

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