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      East Jordan business helps dress Olympic athletes

      A northern Michigan company will see it's work proudly worn by Team USA at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.

      T he Stonehedge Fiber Mill in East Jordan, just finished making four thousand pounds of wool yarn that will be used to make sweaters by one of America's most famous designers, Ralph Lauren.

      It all started two years ago, when a woman with big city style made a stop at their small yarn shop. She asked very detailed questions about their operation and the quality of yarn.

      " Before she left she took some yarn with her and said she worked for a designer in New York and she wanted to see if they could use it in something," Deb McDermott, mill owner said.

      T wo months later , M c D ermott got a n unusual phone call from a man in New York City interested in yarn samples.

      " My husband was sitting behind me and my mouth just drop open," McDermott said. "I was just talking to Ralph Lauren and from there it just went on."

      T his small mill received a contract from Ralph Lauren to make four thousand cones of wool yarn in eight different colors.

      " Every label had to be perfect and everything , because I wanted this project still not knowing what was going to be ," Jodi Peck, mill assistant manager said.

      D uring the whole process of making the yarn , they were told very little.

      T hey had no idea what it was going to be used for until last week , when they saw their creation on revealed on national TV.

      T heir wool yarn , was used to create sweaters and hats that will be worn by hundreds of Team USA athletes during the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

      " My son , who's a snowboarder , I said to him you know Sean White could be wearing our sweater so that could be exciting knowing that our athletes are wearing something made here ," Peck said.

      T he workers at this small town mill , can't wait to see their product on the international stage , knowing that northern Michigan will be fully represented in Sochi.

      " I have a lot of pride in it , I think all of our employees do , and it is good for the area to know that we can do these things for given the chance to ," McDermott said.