Fly fishing forecast

If you're already chomping at the bit and ready to reel in your first trout of the season, you may not have to wait much longer.

Certified fly casting instructors are forecasting great fishing toward the end of March.

â??The most obvious thing I guess we're expecting is an early spring just because everything has thawed so completely in the last week with this warm spell. That means water levels will rise and fall earlier in the season then they might otherwise,â?? said Dave Leonhard, Orvis Streamside.

Right now, it is legal to fish for trout in restricted areas of river. Official trout season begins on the last Saturday of April.

According to the experts, there should be plenty to keep you busy during Steelhead season.

â??You have to be prepared with the right flies and you have to be prepared to use dry flies maybe earlier in the season than you might otherwise when you would be fishing streamers,â?? said Leonhard.

For a complete look at fishing regulations in Michigan, consult the DNR.

You can also sign up for fishing tours by contacting Orvis Streamside.