Gotta love opening day in Detroit

Tigers fan from all over the state flocked to Comerica Park today for the Detroit Tigers opening day.

Many made the long drive from northern Michigan to see what this years batch of Tigers had up their sleeves.

The energy was contagious in the park as the Tigers saw the largest opening day crowd Comerica Park has ever seen.

"I love the energy," Miranda Crawford, of Petoskey, said. "We're all here for the same thing - a tigers win obviously."

And those Tigers fans got just what they hoped for after slugger Prince Fielder hit two home runs to lead the Tigers to a 8-3. Doug Fister started on the mound for the reigning American League champs but gave up three runs. Youngster Drew Smyley pitched four perfect innings for the Tigers to seal the win.

But for fans, it was about much more than just the final score.

"It's incredible," said Blake Vidor. "They rose the American League championship flag, it's opening day, it's beautiful out. I couldn't be more excited."

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