Marc Schollett: They look faster sitting still...

In that moment, frozen in time, I had a flashback of all those miles me and my blue running shoes had logged.

There are two things that you should probably know about me. First, I am a creature of habit. If I find something that works, in just about any aspect of my life, I will stick with that until it no longer works (and even then for awhile after that point just in case the â??not workingâ?? aspect was a fluke.) Second, I hate to shop for clothes. It doesnâ??t matter if they are work clothes-which anything with long sleeves is impossible to find because I have freakishly long arms-or if they are casual clothes to lounge around inâ??ask the people I work with about the same blue sweatshirt I have worn for years in between newscasts. I donâ??t like looking for clothes, trying them on, or paying for them, (I am also kind of thrifty.)

With that being said, when I walked into Running Fit in Traverse City to replace my worn out running shoes, I expected to be in and out in minutes. â??Please may I have the Asics 2170 size 13â?¦Here is my credit card.â?? I mean how long can that take right? I even took my boys in with me, telling them I just had to make a quick stop. Oh the best laid plans, how quickly they can derail. I could almost see my heartbreak mirrored in the eyes of the helpful clerk when she told me Asics no longer made that shoe. â??But they have to! I need a new pair, and I really liked them, and they were blue!â?? (Ok, some of my logic gets a little cloudy with the colorâ?¦.or does it?)

In that moment, frozen in time, I had a flashback of all those miles me and my blue running shoes had logged. (I assume they didnâ??t log any miles without me, but they were that wonderful of a shoe that I think they could have, but chose not to out of respect for me.) Slowly, I came to the realization that I wasnâ??t going to be able to get the perfect replacementâ??the exact same model and the exact same neon color. I know I keep coming back to the color. Here is why. For more than 15 years I have been relegated to the standard white running shoes. I always needed the stability shoe with extra cushioning. It seemed like some conspiracy by the shoemakers to always make these very practical shoes in one very practical color-white. Those were my plain shoesâ?¦until I found those fantastic blue shoes. They were so bright and loud and gaudy and perfect. It was love at first shocking sight when I opened the box. They made me laugh a little every time I put them on. I would be running and notice a flicker of blue in my peripheral vision, and be startled by own feet! Oh for once, the guy who always bought the plain shoes, the plain suit, the plain ties, the plain t shirts had something that wasnâ??t plain at all. And now, I couldnâ??t replace them. They were relegated to become grass cutting shoes come spring.

Just when things couldnâ??t get any worse, (and I say that with complete knowledge that things can always get much worse and having the luxury of describing a shoe buying experience as the worst possible scenario is a ridiculous luxury I have), the clerk gave me hope. â??Marcâ?¦.uh Marcâ?¦we have other shoes!â?? Other shoes besides my beloved, but no obsolete Asics 2170? Sure enough it turns out there are other shoes out there. She showed up with two boxes, size 13â??s. Even before she opened the boxes, part of me, the sensible part, knew this was the time to make a decision based on practical things, like midsole cushioning, stable heel cups, a roomy toe box, with ample support. Luckily that part of me can quickly be shut up by the part of me that is easily swayed by bright colors and shiny objects! The first pair was white and practical and felt just fine on my feet. If I was blindfolded, that shoe would have been fine. Tragically I donâ??t run blindfolded (although if you ask Coach Lisa about split times, and my inability to run a prescribed pace according to my GPS she might argue I do!) But I fell in love a little bit right there in the store with the â??otherâ?? pair, and by â??otherâ?? I mean the most blingy, loud and flashy pair of shoes I have ever owned. I admit it; I bought them entirely based on the sheer volume of their gaudiness! I wanted to wear these shoes out! I wanted everyone to be able to spot in the sea of runners come the Bayshore based on the glow from my feet. They looked fast in the box, sitting still, which is usually when I look my fastest too! The clerk could have told me that these neon yellow shoes had small pieces of razor sharp glass imbedded in the sole and every time your stepped down they cut little pieces of our foot completely off, and I still would have loved them.

So they came home with me. I introduced them to my old blue shoes (which would have only been cruelâ?¦if shoes had feelings.) And right now they are sitting in the closet, still in the box, still in the bag from the store (because if they werenâ??t in both the glow from the shoes would keep me up at night)â?¦they sit, just waiting for some dry, slush free roads. Sorry old blues, looks like youâ??ve been replaced. But we sure did have some good timesâ?¦..

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