Race to Bayshore: Week 10

      Coach Lisa Taylor gives the UpNorthLive gang their running assignments for Week Ten of Race to Bayshore.

      Courage of the Beginner

      This week we start off with 10K Annie, who deserves top billing by virtue of being our beginner.

      Itâ??s true, those of us who have been running for a long time know that starting off as a runner is a true test of will, especially when we start running in our adult years.

      As a 38 year veteran of running with nearly 40,000 miles on my running body, and as a coach, having â??taughtâ?? over 600 runners in my 26 years of coaching, I know it IS overwhelming to begin the quest of being a runner. So, I am especially proud of Annie, who, as the internet managing editor of TV 7&4, has taken on a huge challenge to have her first running event be a very public experience. So letâ??s give her a big shout out!

      Anne 10K, 4/8-4/13:

      Monday: walk or XT, Prehab, hip strength

      Tuesday: run 30-35 min

      Wednesday: Prehab, hip strength

      Thursday: run 30-35 min

      Friday: walk or XT, Prehab, hip strength

      Saturday: 4.0 miles, non-stop

      Sunday: alternative exercise

      Head and Chest Cold for Marc

      Marc brought back from his vacation an unpleasant souvenirâ?¦ the â??crudâ??! Both head and chest congestion really wiped Marc out, and we talked a few times about not overdoing it. Remember from Lauren earlier on that when you are sick, your spare energy needs to go toward getting well. We talked about the importance of cutting back when extreme fatigue was the first thought on any run.

      With some extra diligence, a doctor visit, and some antibiotics, Marc was able to still get in his scheduled long run, which is pretty important at this point.

      Marathons are not just a long run. They are actually an adventure in managing energy. When I ran my first marathon in 1991, the only quick energy on course was Gatorade. All the goos, gels, bloks, fizz, and myriad of electrolyte drinks had not come on to the scene, and I have vivid memories of fighting through the last 5 miles with no fuel. Since these new products have arrived, the world of marathoning has changed for forever. Before the energy products, only the fittest and most trained of runners could get through the 3 plus hour endurance events without challenge. Now, you can literally feed your way through the event, and even the elites do the same with their special fuel placed strategically along the course.

      So, starting this week, Marc needs to experiment with which products he likes the best, and there are many to try. A visit to the local specialty bike or running store will be the first step, where Marc should purchase several kinds and plan to use these according to the package instructions on some of his upcoming runs of 45 or minutes duration.

      Energy products, if used properly, seem almost magical. In a marathon, you literally can feel the energy reaching your system within 3-5 minutes of taking it.

      Marcâ??s Marathon Training 4/8 - 4/13:

      Due to Marcâ??s illness, weâ??re following the same schedule as planned for last week



      Tuesday: 5 m run at relaxed pace, confirm recovery from long run

      Wednesday: 10 mile run, at about 8:15-8:30/mile

      Thursday: 7 mile at goal pace â?? NOT faster than 7:26 per mile

      Friday: Prehab

      Saturday: 9 mile mile run at 8:15/mile

      Sunday: 17 mile at comfortable pace @8:30/mile, consciously keep it at this pace

      Patience is a Virtue

      Still playing it safe, and at the advise of Dena and Steph, Iâ??m asking Lauren to be patient and am limiting her to 3 miles per run as longs as she is pain free. She can add to her run time with the alternative modes she has learned to love these last two weeks!

      We will also focus on not pushing the pace, inasmuch as the faster you go, the more the stress on the musculoskeletal system. Laurenâ??s cardio system is rearing to go, but we have to be cautious with the muscles, tendons, and ligaments and make sure her injury continues to heal.

      Laurenâ??s Match the Run Duration 4/8 â?? 4/13:

      Note: alt means match the duration of a run of this length

      Monday: Prehab

      Tuesday: 3 miles running plus add on for equal to 6 miles total

      Wednesday: Alternative to equal 5 miles at pace(9:09)

      Thursday: 3 miles running plus add on for equal to 6 miles total

      Friday: Prehab

      Saturday: 3 miles running plus add on for equal to 10

      miles total

      Sunday: cross