Race to Bayshore: Week 11

Coach Lisa submitted her running plan just hours before the tragedy struck at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Editor's Note: Coach Lisa submitted her running plan just hours before the tragedy struck at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. In light of the tragedy, we decided to hold off on publishing the plan until today. We, along with the rest of the country, are devastated by this terrible news, but as any marathon-er will tell you, you must keep moving. We thought it was important to post the plan for those of you who are following along and looking for guidance from Coach Lisa. We hope you'll see this as a way to honor those runners and move forward, not to disregard the lives lost and those injured. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the terrible acts in Boston. "If you're trying to defeat the human spirit, marathoners are the wrong people to target."

Monday is Patriotâ??s Day in Boston, an official holiday for the city, and that means one thing to the residents of Boston: head to the streets to watch the runners in the Boston Marathon!

Having qualified for Boston 3 times, and having run the event in 2000 and 2006, I will never see Patriotâ??s Day the same way ever again. The experience of running this special, historical event truly makes a mark on your heart. For me, it was all about the peopleâ?¦ the spectators and the fellow runners. Every second along the way, you are at armâ??s length. The smiling faces in the crowd, the great conversations with other competitors who feel like old friends. And it was all about visiting a remarkable city, which is home to, without question, the worldâ??s oldest and most famous running event!

Maybe some day Iâ??ll be fortunate to do it again, but meanwhile, itâ??s all about getting Marc ready for this day a year from now!

Last week was yet another example that Marc is a diamond in the rough when it comes to running marathons. As many know, Marc has run 16 marathons, all in a quest of qualifying for Boston at the pace of 3:15. When I got the opportunity to train Marc and learn more about his past training, I was excited to coach him because I felt a consistent schedule would be just the ticket. I am still really excited, especially after hearing about his last week. Long story short, though scheduled for a long run of 17, Marc miscalculated his route and ran 19 miles with no problem. Because of that, Iâ??m bumping him up to the magical long run distance of 20 miles, and his weekly mileage goes to 50! Should be fun!

Marcâ??s Marathon Training 4/15 - 4/21:

Big week for Marc, a 20 and a 50!



Tuesday: 5 m run at relaxed pace, confirm recovery from long run

Wednesday: 10 mile run, at about 8:15-8:30/mile

Thursday: 7 mile at goal pace â?? NOT faster than 7:26 per mile

Friday: Prehab

Saturday: 8 mile mile run at 8:15/mile

Sunday: 20 mile at comfortable pace @8:30/mile, consciously keep it at this pace

Anneâ??s run felt great!

I was really excited to hear about Anneâ??s week, as she described her long run as her â??best feelingâ?? run so far. From here on out, the most important element in Anneâ??s training will be the consistency/frequency aspect, with the day of rest in between. It will get easier as our weather starts acting a little bit more like spring.

Anne 10K, 4/15-4/21:

Monday: walk or XT, Prehab, hip strength

Tuesday: run 30-35 min

Wednesday: Prehab, hip strength

Thursday: run 30-35 min

Friday: walk or XT, Prehab, hip strength

Saturday: 4.0 miles, non-stop

Sunday: alternative exercise

The Team Approach is Key for Lauren

As you know, Lauren ran into some trouble several weeks back with a chronic/nagging injury, and has been nursing things along. I am grateful Lauren has such a strong support team in the form of running friends, physical therapy professionals, and of course, a coach who is keeping a close watch.

Many adult runners who do not have a support team would be likely to give up if faced with some of the challenges Lauren has facedâ?¦ sickness, injury, and most significantly - disappointment.

As we well know, in the world of running, there are wonderful stories of triumph over adversity. It is also clear that except for the rare and few â??eliteâ?? runners of the world, most of us are out there running for all the great, sometimes unexpected benefits. For this reason, Lauren and I have agreed that her goal for the half marathon will not be to make a certain time, but to â??participateâ?? along with the masses. If we go about this the right way, thinking in the long term, Lauren will have thousands of miles and many years of great running ahead of her!

Because some folks are training along with Lauren, I am keeping her schedule up to date with the progression of running we had originally planned, and have Lauren supplement the distances with cross training.

Laurenâ??s Match the Run Duration 4/15â?? 4/21:

Note: alt means match the duration of a run of this length

Monday: Prehab

Tuesday: 4 miles running plus add on for equal to 7 miles total

Wednesday: Alternative to equal 6 miles at pace(9:09)

Thursday: 4 miles running plus add on for equal to 6 miles total

Friday: Prehab

Saturday: 4 miles running plus add on for equal to 11 miles total

Sunday: cross

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