Race to Bayshore: Week 15

Coach Lisa Taylor gives the Race to Bayshore gang their assignments for Week 15...just two weeks out from race day!

Did you see my motivational message from last week? Itâ??s a doozy, and hopefully our runners get the message that attitude is everything.

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. Anthony J. Dâ??Angelo

The training for Marc, Anne and Lauren has gone well, despite the expected bumps in the road.

In truth, these 3 runners have had the added advantage of having a team of people watching over them. It is our hope that area runners who have followed the Three Amigos will get a good perspective of how a program like EXCEL Physical Therapyâ??s Excelerate Run program can make a difference for runners of any ability.

Meanwhile, I found one of the best articles I have seen in over 35 years of running, to help prepare a runner for the big day. Here is the link for you to check out an awesome article by Runnerâ??s World from 2003.

The article has a great section at the end that applies all of the concepts to runners going for distances shorter than a marathon or half marathon, such as Anneâ??s 10K.

The main message in this article and from me, is now is the time to be rested, and to dot the â??iâ?? and cross the â??tâ??, and this can be achieved with emphasis on healthy lifestyle behavior, especially in the areas of sleep, nutrition, hydration, and time management.

Marcâ??s Marathon Training 5/14 - 5/19:

Marc is prepared to take it one day at a time, and knows the emphasis is on being rested. We may have to make adjustments in his training to help him rest up a tricky back and hamstrings:



Tuesday: 5 m run at relaxed pace

Wednesday: Prehab

Thursday: 8-10 miles at goal pace â?? NOT faster than 7:20 per mile

Friday: Prehab

Saturday: 4 mile run at about 8:00/mile

Sunday: 12 mile at comfortable pace @8:20-8:40/mile, consciously keep it at this pace

Anne Beginner 10K, 5/13-5/19:

Anne completed the 5/3 Bank 5K last week with great success, and got a confidence boost for her 10K, having experienced the benefits of her consistent training over the past several months.

Note: All of Anneâ??s runs are at conversational pace

Monday: walk or XT, Prehab, hip strength

Tuesday: run 35 min

Wednesday: Prehab, hip strength

Thursday: run 40 min

Friday: walk or XT, Prehab, hip strength

Saturday: 45-50 minutes, non-stop, easy talking pace

Sunday: alternative exercise

Laurenâ??s Half Training 5/13â??5/19:

Like Marc, Lauren should begin a â??taperâ?? in her training to ensure she is fully rested for her half marathon. Even though she has a new pink Garmin watch from Motherâ??s Day, she should only look at it after her run, thereby allowing her to focus on the â??feelâ?? of her runs, and to help her keep the effort at a comfortable pace.

Monday: Prehab

Tuesday: 4 miles

Wednesday: 6 miles

Thursday: 4 miles

Friday: Prehab

Saturday: 8-10 miles total

Sunday: cross

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