Race to Bayshore: Week 9 - Light at the end of the tunnel?

Coach Lisa Taylor gives the Race to Bayshore their week 9 assignments

Our runners made it through Spring Break with flying colors! Lauren is running again, Marc is keeping up his 40 plus miles a week and is ready for more, and Anne is training like a real runner!

This week I am asking our runners to begin thinking about the mental aspects of their fast approaching event. This starts with really knowing all the details of their race. They can learn more about this by studying the race website in advance. A race website should contain everything you could ever need to know about the day of the event, including course maps, packet pick-up, parking, race schedule, runner amenities and opportunities, and the like.

They should also be thinking about the mental aspects of running in their training runs to help them prepare for the day of the event. Each of them is likely to be doing many of these already, but a refresher wonâ??t hurt, and will come in handy on race day, no doubt.

Mind Over Body

Most of the time the mind fatigues way before the body. The challenge, then, is to find ways to change your thought process and realize that your body can handle your workout, no matter what the challenge. Here are some good ways to get into a great running frame of mind.

Have a goal

Keeping a training log that includes your goals and the reasons you run.

When you feel the urge to back out of a run, pull out your log and review your lists.

Seeing your goals in black-and-white will make it tougher to lounge.

Have a back-up plan

Be prepared with a backup plan if something cancels or changes your run plan. For example, if work keeps you longer, go for a shorter run. If sick kids keep you home, work on strength or stretching while they recover and take your run tomorrow.

Call a friend

Put your running pals on speed dial, and call them spur of the moment. Chances are they would love the camaraderie. Even if they can't meet you, maybe theyâ??ll give you a pep talk.

The power of now

Youâ??ve heard it before. â??JUST DO ITâ?? really works and hereâ??s a trick to make it happen called the 8-minute rule. On tough days, give yourself permission to just go for a cute little 8-minute run. 9 times out of 10, once you go 8 minutes and you get warmed up, youâ??ll be hooked on the run and wonder why you had trouble getting out in the first place.

The inspiration of that ONE good run

Not every run is going to be great, but that one good run will get you out the door in search of a repeat. The reality is there will be days when it feels like your legs are tree stumps. Remember that some will say, â??any day is a good day when you runâ??. Look for the silver lining in every run, and youâ??ll find the runâ??s value.

Marcâ??s training week

Marc seemed to breeze through a 10-day period altering his runs while on vacation. We will up his mileage but return to his long run on the weekend.

Running 4/1 - 4/7:



Tuesday: 5 m run at relaxed pace

Wednesday: 10 mile run, at about 8:15-8:30/mile

Thursday: 7 mile at goal pace â?? NOT faster than 7:26

Friday: Prehab

Saturday: 9 mile mile run at 8:15/mile

Sunday: 17 mile at comfortable pace @8:30/mile, consciously keep it at this pace

Laurenâ??s Back!

With the help of Dena and Steph at EXCEL Lauren is back to pain free with her 3 mile run. To be safe, Iâ??m keeping her here at 3 miles per run as longs as she is pain free. She can add to her run time with the alternative modes she has learned to love these last two weeks!

Laurenâ??s Match the Run Duration 4/1 â?? 4/7:

Note: alt means match the duration of a run of this length

Monday: Prehab

Tuesday: 3 miles running plus add on for equal to 6 miles total

Wednesday: Alternative to equal 5 miles at pace(9:09)

Thursday: 3 miles running plus add on for equal to 6 miles total

Friday: Prehab

Saturday: 3 miles running plus add on for equal to 9 miles total

Sunday: cross

Anneâ??s Breakthrough Week

Anne jumped up to the plate and ventured out for a 4 mile run with Mom while home for Easter. So this week Iâ??m changing up Anneâ??s schedule just a bit to have her running every other day, and weâ??re going to increase her long runs to 4 miles. The goal is to try to do this run non-stop, which means she may have to slow down a little bit.

Anne also had a chest cold this past week. The general rule for running and sickness is to not overdo things, and to use the â??neckâ?? rule for running and sickness. The neck rule is: congestion from the neck up (sinus congestion) will be improved with a light run; congestion from the neck down (chest congestion) will be aggravated with too intense a run. Long story short, when sickness arrives, you may still be able to run, but always lighten up.

The schedule progresses a bit this week with the week day runs going to 25-30 minutes, and the weekend up to 4 miles. To keep Anne running every other day, next week she should plan on training M-W-F and Sunday.

Anne 10K, 4/1-4/7:

Monday: walk or XT, Prehab, hip strength

Tuesday: run 25-30 min

Wednesday: Prehab, hip strength

Thursday: run 25-30 min

Friday: walk or XT, Prehab, hip strength

Saturday: 4.0 miles, non-stop

Sunday: alternative exercise

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