Tigers led by cool, calm and collected Brad Ausmus

Ausmus has seen a lot already in his first week on the job.

Brad Ausmus got a taste of what life is like leading a team in his first week as a Major League Baseball manager.

The Detroit Tigers rallied to win twice and also won in a rout. They also blew a big lead in the ninth, but held on for another victory. And on Sunday, his team got beat in businesslike fashion.

The upshot - and it is real early - is the Tigers have the best record in baseball.

A cool, calm and collected rookie manager has something to do with that.

Detroit's 38-year-old outfielder, Torii Hunter, says the 44-year-old Ausmus is an asset because he has nearly two decades of experience as a catcher in a career that ended recently enough to give him personal perspective to share.