Petoskey native competing in Olympic speed skating trials

Petoskey native competing in Olympic speed skating trials

EMMET COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- A Petoskey native is taking a shot at competing in this year's Winter Olympic Games.

It all started at the Petoskey Winter Sports Park, which has its own speed skating. Now Tyler Cain hopes he can skate his way to the world stage in South Korea.

Cain has been training for the past three years in Milwaukee.

“I’m feeling pretty great about it, you know," said Cain. "It’s kind of different just actually going through the steps of seeing the ice rink itself, going through the changes of getting ready for trials so it's hitting, and I’m ready for it."

Growing up in Petoskey, Tyler played hockey until he was 15-years-old, before finding he has a passion for speed skating.

“I just decided I wanted to do some skating alone, not the rest of the sport," Cain said. "I just happened to watch the last Olympics and went to the club and met Ed and they were skating at the winter sports park and just kept going out there every day."

The winter sports park in Petoskey has the only speed skating rink its size in Michigan and there are only a few like in around the country.

That's where he trained until he graduated from Petoskey High School and moved to a larger facility in Milwaukee.

“I knew fairly quickly that he caught on and he understood the concepts of skating position and pressure into the ice and a lot of the technique," said Ed Russell, who coached Tyler in Petoskey. "He caught on quite quickly.”

At this week's trials, Tyler will compete in the 500 meter, 1,000 meter, 1,500 meter and the mass start.

In order to make it to the Olympics, he will need to land in the top three.

"Now it’s actually here and you’re doing it, like everything is just so much more heightened," Cain said. "I love it.”

“We’ll all be watching on TV and listening as he goes through the trials and through his races this week," Ed Russell said. "We’ll all be watching and talking about it.”

Tyler says his two favorite races are the 1,000 meter and the mass start.

The mass start is a new type of race for this year's games.

You can catch Tyler competing in those trials on NBC Sports Wednesday through Sunday.

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