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      Brr! It was cold across Michigan today with wind chill readings as low as -41 degrees this morning and surface temperatures well below zero. While temperatures did warm up this afternoon into the single digits, it has still been our coldest day of the winter season so far. Wind Chill Advisories will continue through tonight and Sunday morning as temperatures tonight will be bitterly cold once again with wind chill readings making it even colder. A Wind Chill Advisory is in effect from 7pm tonight to 10am Sunday.

      Light lake effect snow showers have been continuing off NW winds today across NW Lower Michigan. Significant snow totals are not expected.

      High pressure will begin to move into the area tonight which will help to clear out the skies in spots tonight. With clearing skies, light winds, and a decent snow pack on the ground this will lead to temperatures plummeting to below zero values. Several towns may see record low temperatures tonight.

      Valentine's Day will start off cold but due to high pressure settling in much of Michigan will see mostly sunny skies. What a treat! There still may be some lingering lake effect snow showers in areas off SW winds but overall a quiet day is expected. During the afternoon on Sunday temperatures will begin to moderate some and warm back into the mid and upper teens.

      A a little system will move in Sunday night that will bring a round of light snow Sunday night and into Monday. A few inches may be expected as this pushes through. Temperatures will warm into the day on Monday back into the 20s.

      ~ Colleen Mehlberg

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